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Opening Day of Rifle Season

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Opening Day of Rifle Season

Post  plumber1056 on 2010-11-28, 21:54

Morning started out just like Friday Bow hunting. Sat in a tree and saw nothing. It was just me and J Comer, Frenchy had to sleep in. Tried again in the evening and Frenchy decided to show up this time. Sent Frenchy and Mark to the back field and J Comer and I stayed in the front field. The wind was wicked and I had to come out of my stand....tree was moving way too much for me. Frenchy had a good evening...killed a nice buck with no horns. Me and J Comer saw nothing. MD had Sunday hunt today...but I had to work. Hope that next weeked is better. Frenchy will post some pics soon.


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